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Fazal Din's Pharma Plus
30, Ground Floor, Mall Manssion, Shahrah-e-Quaid-e-Azam, The Mall, Lahore

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We have kept our independent pharmacy business open and thriving for over 55 years while in recent direct competition with retail chain pharmacies in Lahore. Combining solid business skills with innovative practice ideas, we provide our best, that's why highest level of care and attention is taken to ensure your safety and well being.

In 1918 Sheikh Fazal Din was blessed with a son who was named Mumtaz. By the 1940's he had established a branch office in Lahore and Sheikh Noor Elahi Fazal Din became a major supplier to the British Army. In the 1940's after the Pakistan Resolution was passed, Sheikh Fazal Din became an active worker of the Pakistan Movement. While Sheikh Fazal Din was actively fighting for the Pakistan cause in Dalhousie,. Gurdaspur and its environs, Mumtaz was active in Lahore and Delhi. In 1947, when it was largely expected that Gurdaspur and Dalhousie would form a part of Pakistan as the Pakistan flag was hoisted all over Dalhousie and Gurdaspur, it came as a rude shock when the Radcliffe award subsequently awarded these areas to India. The family was thus forced to migrate from Dalhousie to Lahore in 1947. The entire business and property were lost and a fresh start had to be made in Pakistan.

The first venture was a retail pharmacy located on the Mall which was started by the Mumtaz A. Sheikh. This pharmacy is still located in the same place even today. This was a start to the Fazal Din's Group as it exists today. The name was changed to Fazal Din & Sons from Sheikh Noor Elahi Fazal Din in 1948 and today the company is 145 years old.

Today the group is known for its commitment to excellence in the healthcare field and represents the most prestigious names in the world of healthcare. In a world of counterfeit and spurious drugs, the name Fazal Din's stands out for its commitment to quality and reliability as we take innumerable steps to ensure the genuineness of the medicine that is sold through any of the Fazal Din's stores. Realizing the need for modern chain store pharmacies where only quality and genuine medicines are available, Fazal Din's Pharma plus (Pvt.) Ltd., is born in 1995 with the objective of opening up pharmacies all over Pakistan.At present we have 12 retail outlets in Lahore. All sales and billings are fully computerised and the stores are managed by professional and qualified A Class Pharmacists.

(042) 3732-0136, (042) 3732-0135, (042) 3723-4086, (042) 3723-4085, (042) 3723-4084
We Accept:
Cash, Credit Card, Debit Card
(042) 3735-8025
Added by: Mouzzam on 06/05/2011

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